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1944 The Swords Are Drawn
1947-10 Western Story
1942-04-25 Western Story
1947-11 Western Story
1943-05-15 Western Story
1948-01 Western Story
1946-12 Western Story
1948-04 Western Story
1947-02 Western Story
1945 Illustration
1947-04 Western Story
1946 Children's Book










(c.1918 - c.1986)

Duncan "Dunc" Coburn was born around 1918 in St. Louis, Missouri.

The artist says, "I started to draw at the age of five. At an early age I was taken to Arizona, where I grew up and got my book learnin'. I enjoyed drawing and painting in high school as well as football and the high hurdles. I studied at the University of Arizona, and ever since then I have been engaged in commercial art, cartooning and illustating books and magazines. Today in 1944 I live in New York City but it gets me down to be so far from Arizona and the colorful distant corners of the Old West. My hobby these days is tennis. My friend and severest critic of my work is one Cynthia Anna Schmaltz, a little dachshund."

In 1944 he illustrated The Swords Are Drawn by Andre Norton. This was followed by Sword in Sheath in 1949 and At Swords Points in 1954.

He also illustrated Come, Jack - The Story of a Dog by Robert W. McCulloch in 1946.

Duncan Coburn died around 1986.

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