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1933-12-16 Liberty
1935-01-15 Adventure
1934-01-06 Liberty
1935-02-15 Adventure
1934-10-01 Adventure
1935-03 Star Western
1934-10-15 Adventure
1935-05 Star Western
1934-11-01 Adventure
1935-04-15 Adventure
1934-12-01 Adventure
1935-07-01 Adventure





(active 1933-1935)

"Ray Dean" was a pen name occasionally used by Stockton Mulford between the years 1933 and 1935. While the Great Depression was in full swing, Stockton Mulford was able to supplement his income by producing additional illustrations under the pen-name "Ray Dean." This work was published through an art agency with Adventure Magazine, Star Western, and most memorably, Liberty Magazine, where "Ray Dean" illustrated serialized chapters of "Tarzan And The Lion Man" by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Stockton Mulford worked at the peak of his abilities during these years, so he also produced an impressive body of work under the pen-name "Ray Dean."

After 1935 Stockton Mulford never again used the pen-name "Ray Dean."


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