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Mike Sekowsky (no relation to Michael Suchorsky) was born Michael Sakoske on November 19, 1923 in Lansford, Pennsylvania. His father, George Sakoske, was born in 1899 in Czechoslovakia. His mother, Theresa Kobetich, was born 1904 in Czechoslovakia. His parents married in Czechoslovakia and moved to America in 1922, They had eight children, Michael (b.1923), George (b.1926), Mary (b.1927), Bernadine (b.1930), Anna (b.1932), Theodore (b.1934), Veronica (b.1936), and Edward (b.1938). The father was a carpenter.

In 1927 the Sakoske family moved to New York City, where they lived in the Bronx in an apartment building at 202 Brook Avenue.

In 1941 Mike Sakoske, at the age of eighteen, graduated high school in NYC, and then began to work at Timely Comics, where he changed his name to Mike Sekowsky. He drew the Apache Kid, the Black Rider, Kid Colt, Captain America, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, The Whizzer, Georgie, Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal.

In 1953 Mike Sekowsky began to work for DC Comics, where he drew romance and sic-fi stories.

In the 1960s he drew Green Arrow, Metal Men, Supergirl, Hawkman, and Justice League of America. He is renowned for his re-invention of Wonder Woman in 1968 as a stylish modern feminist.

In the 1980s he moved to California to work for Hanna-Barbera animated TV shows, such as Scooby-Doo, Space Ghost, Super Friends, and The New Shmoo.

Mike Sekowsky died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of sixty-five on March 30, 1989.

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