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Charles Albert Winter, Jr., is not to be confused with Charles Allen Winter (1869-1942) or Charles William Winter (1918-1974).

Charles Albert Winter, Jr., was born October 2, 1896 in Jersey City, New Jersey. His father, also named Charles Albert Winter, was born in 1870 in Portsmouth, Ohio. His mother, Gertrude Vesta Skinner, was born in 1878 in New York. His parents married in, and had two children, Charles (b.1896), and Virginia (b.1903). The family lived at. His father was a general practice lawyer, and graduated Harvard Law School in the Class of 1892.

On May 14, 1915 The Portsmouth Daily Times newspaper reported, "C. A. Winter is a Real Artist."

In 1917 his father and mother left New Jersey and moved to New York City, where the father became a member of Manhattan's 20th Assembly District.

During the Great War, He was honorably discharged at the rank of Lieutenant. He remained on active duty with the U. S. Naval Reserve after the war and achieved the rank of.

53 East 126th Street on Lenox Avenue in Harlem.

He married Giovanna Orfanello. She was born December 31, 1899, in the final hours of the nineteenth century. Her father, Luigi Orfanello, was born in 1859 in Italy. He mother, Maria Sacca, was born in 1865 in Italy. They lived at Cohes, New York. They had a son in 1920.

On July 18 1922 The Portsmouth Daily Times reported, "Young Artist Has Clever Cartoon."

In 1924 his father and mother left New Jersey and moved to New Rochelle, New York, where he became a member of the State Assembly.

The moved to 88-36 Elmhurst Avenue in Elmhurst, Long Island, New York.

The artist rented a studio at 435 Webster Avenue in New Rochelle, NY.

In 1925 His father and mother lived at 41 President Street in New Rochelle.

By 1936 the artist's younger sister had married to become Mrs. Virginia Grenzbach and moved to Laguna Beach, California. That same year, the artist's father retired from NY State politics and law practice, and moved with his wife to live near their daughter's family in California.

In 1938 C. A. Winter, Jr., began to work for Harry Aaron Chesler's comic shop. In 1940 he worked for Samuel M. Iger's comic shop. He drawings were published by D.C., Ace, MLJ, Fawcett, Harvey, and St. John, Ned Pines, Timely, and Fiction House.

During WWII the artist reported for draft registration and was recorded to be five-seven, 180 pounds, with blue eyes, brown hair and a ruddy complexion.

On March 12, 1949 the artist's father, Charles Albert Winter, Sr., died at the age of eighty-four in California.

Charles A. Winter, Jr., died at the age of seventy in Mount Vernon, NY, on January 27, 1967. His wife Giovanna Winter, died five months later, on January 23, 1968, at the age of sixty-seven.

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